Application development

1. New Application

Application Development helps realise the full potential of the given application for the said part. We at Neumesh Labs help you optimize the design, production and the functionality of the part through Additive manufacturing. We help you through the process of building the best solution for any problems.

Part Selection and Screening and Business case development:

There are countless potential business cases where industrial 3D printing can create new opportunities and open up enormous economic potential. Our experts from Additive Minds can accompany your project with their knowledge of every opportunity and challenge of additive manufacturing. This ranges from application optimization to production installation, scaling or even planning a digital factory.

Process 1
Identify your application

Part selection, Strategy for AM, Business case

Process 2
Application Development

Design for AM and material Finalization

Process 3
Accelerate Production

Developing and setting up AM production

Process 4

Qualifying Machine, process and material

Process 5
Establish a Digital Factory

Digitization and Automation

2. Material Development and Consultation

EOS has over 30+ years of experience in Process development and has a perfect combination of Laser and powder material for Additive manufacturing processes. Hence we provide you the custom solution for your requirements in terms of Material Development and Process parameters with consulting support from the EOS Additive minds.

3. Material Characterization

EOS is a one stop solution from raw material qualification, detailed process parameters & ensuring printed property.

The process of Material Characterization

  • Batches of raw material are tested for their chemical composition, mechanical & physical properties before they are fed into the machine.
  • Once the AM process is complete the coupons are machined as per internal standards of analysis & are tested in class 9 clean rooms.

EOS Finland, an ISO 9100 & 13485 certified organization, guarantees short the time & effort on qualifying the raw material with the printed properties via Mill Test Certificate & Material data sheets; this way customers can readily start their production job.